Our Pubs

Currently The Moleface Pub Co has four venues, each with a brigade of highly experienced chefs and friendly serving staff.

The Wollaton Pub & Kitchen - probably our largest pub and at the hub of a thriving community.

The Larwood & Voce Pub & Kitchen - a famous pub, right on the edge of Trent Bridge cricket ground in West Bridgford

The Lord Nelson Pub & Kitchen - in Burton Joyce and close to the River Trent

The Royal Oak Pub & Kitchen - Enjoying a prime position in the busy town of Radcliffe-on-Trent

John Molnar

John MolnarJohn Molnar is a chef on a mission to provide good old fashioned flavour to anyone looking for a reminder of just how satisfying a well-prepared meal can be. Service and friendliness are equally important to a man driven to inspire his brigades of staff to new heights in their careers. Under the umbrella of The Moleface Pub Co John continues to expand his grand plan of continuous improvement by frequent visits to local producers and farmers as well as taking team members on foreign excursions to taste wine and hunt truffles. The proximity and abundance of high quality ingredients means The Moleface Pub Co can source excellent dairy products form Leicestershire, pork from Nottinghamshire, lamb from Derbyshire, whilst Lincolnshire's arable farming and allotments around Nottingham provide the freshest, seasonal vegetables.

Environmental Policy

Wherever possible we use local, seasonal produce thus cutting our impact on the environment. We recycle all glass and paper goods in specially designated bins. Appropriate food waste is composted in circumstances where it is safe to do so. We aim to cut energy and water consumption wherever possible.

All of our bread is freshly baked and is available to buy @ £2.50 per loaf.
“Proper sauces” - all of our sauces are available to buy @ £1.95 per item.

The Moleface Pub Co welcomes children of all ages however we do ask that children are supervised at all times and remain at the table where possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

All dishes are subject to availability of fresh produce and may vary according to venue. Please be aware our food may contain traces of nuts.

The wollaton Pub & Kitchen

Lambourne Drive
Nottingham NG8 1GR
Tel: 0115 928 8610

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The Larwood & Voce Pub & Kitchen

Fox Road
West Bridgford
Nottingham NG2 6AJ
Tel: 0115 981 9960

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The Lord Nelson Pub & Kitchen

Chestnut Grove
Burton Joyce
Nottingham NG14 5DN
Tel: 0115 931 1800

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